WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Governor Laura Kelly was in Wichita Wednesday touring the latest technology at Integra, a local semiconductor prep, testing, and manufacturing facility.

Gov. Kelly also spoke about the Wichita economy’s continued growth, “I’m very excited about what they’re doing here and the variety of industries and markets that it will impact.”

Gov. Kelly says the groundbreaking technology she saw should make Wichitans excited for the future of the city, “We have an opportunity right here in Wichita, Kansas to move technology way ahead and be a leader in a field that is unique and esoteric.”

Mayor Brandon Whipple was also part of the tour, he says while Wichita is the Air Capital, that doesn’t have to be the only thing Wichita is known for.

“We all know we’re the Air Capital of the world, but the reality is we’re also the Opportunity Capital of the world. Wichita time and time again has shown that we can build literally anything better than anyone else,” Mayor Whipple explained. “We have Wichita tested microchips right now floating around in space, we have them in medical devices keeping people alive, we have them in military airplanes and jets right now.”

Kent Wade with Integra says they very rarely give tours of any kind, but it was great to show Gov. Kelly what they’re working on, “Being able to show her what we do. Had some discussions about various partnerships trying to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the United States and specifically here in Wichita, Kansas.”

Integra’s current expansion which includes a new analysis lab is expecting to create 40 to 50 jobs, but future expansion plans could add 400 to 500 more positions to the Wichita area for the company.