UNITED KINGDOM (WFLA) – Burger King’s United Kingdom Twitter account took a major public relations risk in an attempt to raise awareness for International Women’s Day.

The burger brand tweeted, “Women belong in the kitchen” Monday morning. It’s a jarring statement made by a verified brand on Twitter, and it swiftly gained a lot of eyeballs and reactions worldwide.

You have to click on the tweet to see Burger King’s true intentions. Opening up the tweet reveals a chain of messages sent out at once by the account, clarifying their statement.

“If they want to, of course,” it says. “Yet only 20% of chefs are women. We’re on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career. #IWD

Burger King says it’s launching a new scholarship program which aims to help female Burger King employees “pursue their culinary dreams.”

Not a bad message to send on International Women’s Day. But Twitter users were quick to criticize the method in which the brand went about it.

Here are some of those replies:

“It was our intention to undermine an outdated stereotype about women and reclaim the terminology, in order to highlight a big problem in the restaurant industry – that women occupy only 20 percent of chef positions in UK restaurants today, which we believe is offensive. “We have teamed up with culinary schools to create a scholarship programme for our female team members to help them achieve their career aspirations.” a spokesperson for Burger King told HuffPost UK.