WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Textron Aviation is reaching out to people who, for various reasons, have been out of the workforce. The company announced Thursday that it is launching Returnships — a jump start to (re)start.

The paid, 16-week paid program is a chance for mid-level professionals who have taken a break from their profession to transition back to full-time employment.

According to Textron, studies show it can be difficult for people to re-enter the workforce after leaving to raise children or care for family members.

The company says the Returnship program is ideal for individuals or caregivers who have spent at least a year or more off caring for their children, families, loved ones, volunteering, or for those who have taken a break due to pandemic-related reasons or to address physical or mental wellbeing.

Textron says it will work with Returnship participants to align with their skills and interests. People who are accepted into the program will be matched with a team, department or function where they can provide value, learn new skills or retrain and gain new skills.

After completing the four-month program, qualified candidates will be considered for conversion to full-time opportunities at Textron Aviation.

“We are dedicated to developing an inclusive workforce and are proud to be the first company in the region to launch a paid Returnship program for experienced professionals,” Maggie Topping, senior vice president, Human Resources and Communications, said in a news release. “Textron Aviation understands the potential and value of individuals returning to the workforce, including a wealth of experience, transferable skills and motivation. We look forward to supporting these individuals in jumpstarting their careers.”

Returnship participants are eligible for Textron Aviation’s benefits package.

You can apply directory through Textron Aviation by clicking here. Applications are due before Oct. 31. The program begins in January.

Textron Aviation says it created the Returnship program in partnership with Path Forward, a nonprofit that helps caregivers return to the workforce.