ODIN, Kansas – For the first time, a bill allowing some form of medical marijuana in the state is out of committee. It specifically allows for the use of cannabis oil. The bill’s progress is being anxiously watched by one Kansas mother.

“It’s exciting. I feel like Owen and these other kids are almost making history in Kansas.”

Kiley Klug’s son Owen suffers from a rare syndrome which causes him to have around a 100 seizures a day.

She testified earlier this year in support of a medical marijuana bill because she believes that oil made from pot may be the only way to help her son.

“I’m just excited that the lawmakers are taking us seriously, and they’re really wanting to do the right things for these kids,” said Klug.

Under House Bill 2282, only children with severe seizure disorders would be prescribed cannabis oil, and it couldn’t have more than three percent THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Anyone with a prescription would have to be registered with the state.

“I think this is a great first step and seeing how this will play out in our state because this bill is very specific, I think this is a great compromise to help these kids,” said Klug.

When Kiley testified in front of the committee several times, Owen was with her and had several seizures during the hearings.

“It is not so much about my words telling them about his seizures but for them to actually see it in person. I think that was a very emotional experience for them.”

Kiley knows it’s an uphill fight for the bill to be signed into law, but says for her family, it’s worth it.

“We want Owen to have that chance also, to be present in this life and not just lay around, we want him to interact and to be happy and move around,” Klug said.

The sponsor of the bill, Representative John Wilson from Lawrence, says that the cannabis oil in the bill is too low in THC to get a high and is only for the treatment of seizures.