TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced Monday that the state had acquired a personal protective equipment (PPE) sanitizing machine over the weekend.

Now, Kansas nurses are saying they do not support this decision, and are concerned with the safety of sanitizing face masks.

“We’re being compromised right now and…our well-being is not being looked after in healthcare right now,” Kelly Sommers, director of Kansas State Nurses Association said. “This is a time when we really should be looking out for the healthcare of everyone.”

With a statewide shortage of equipment due to the coronavirus pandemic, this machine will allow first responders and healthcare providers to reuse their face masks.

The Kansas State Nurses Association does not support this decision, as there is no “adequate research” that says this is safe, Sommers said.

The association follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s guidelines prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, Sommers said, and they will not support the machine until there is research that proves it is safe.

KSNT News has reached out to Governor Kelly’s spokeswoman for comment.