TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Republican leadership in the Kansas House and Senate have signed a petition to the governor to call a special session to fight the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate.

Senate President Ty Masterson announced that his office received signatures from all 29 Republican senators for their petition to the governor.

“Today, my office received signatures from all 29 Republican Senators, demonstrating solidarity against
the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional overreach,” said Masterson. “We look forward to delivering the petition to the governor’s office in the morning.”

In the House, Republicans there all signed on as well. With both legislative bodies reaching a two-thirds majority needed, they can petition the governor for a special session, which would be expected to start Nov. 22.

Two proposed bills are scheduled to be considered on Nov. 12 in an informational meeting by the Special Joint Committee on Government Overreach and the Impact of COVID-19 mandates. The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Watch below.

One bill would allow Kansans to plead exemption from the federal vaccine mandate on the grounds of religious exemption or if it “endangers their life.” The other guarantees unemployment benefits to people that lose their jobs over the federal vaccine order.

“The right to worship God according to the dictates of conscience shall never be infringed — that’s a part of our Kansas Constitution,” said Masterson. “It’s also why we have laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion, and that includes religious tests where one’s beliefs are scrutinized, either by the government or an employer. We’re not going to let the Biden Administration force businesses to play God or doctor and determine whether a religious or medical exemption is valid or not. We’re going to trust individual Kansans.”