MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Major discussions are happening in Washington D.C. about a long-term infrastructure plan. Lawmakers and President Joe Biden have been trying to come to an agreement.

While talking at a luncheon in Manhattan, Congressman Tracey Mann said the infrastructure plan will be front and center for the next couple of months. He talked about the importance of it for farmers.

“We’ve got to have good roads, bridges, infrastructure to get our products out of the field to the elevator and eventually to the mouths that will consume it,” Mann said. “So having good roads, bridges, very important. Unfortunately, the infrastructure bill as proposed wasn’t that.”

The original $2.3 trillion plan drew criticism because of its size and that it would have raised taxes on corporations. But Biden said it was worth it.

“It’s a once in a generation investment in America unlike anything we’ve seen or done since we built the interstate system and the space race decades ago,” Biden said about the plan in March.

Republican lawmakers have been trying to reign in the plan to make it have a greater focus on hard infrastructures like roads, airports and railways. But the president wanted to use it to grow the economy, take on climate change and create new jobs.

Now it looks like those negotiations have fallen apart.

Mann said he could get on board with a part of the proposal in expanding internet access. It’s an area that hasn’t always been considered infrastructure.

“Extremely important, would like to see that as well,” Mann said. “I think there’s some bipartisan support to get something done on rural broadband. All depends on the details and what that gets paired with and what that ends up looking like.”

With Republican talks with the president breaking down, the wait is on to see how Congress moves next.