TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — As Kansas begins to gradually reopen, things should slowly return to normal. But the question now is — what is the new normal?

Doctors at the University of Kansas Health System anticipate that the coronavirus pandemic will change daily life for most people. This includes limiting person-to-person contact, like handshakes and hugs. Additionally, maintaining distance from others, in general, will likely stick around.

Because of the pandemic, many people are working remotely or working from home to help prevent the spread of the virus. Some jobs may move to permanently working remotely. For jobs that must be in-person, health and safety requirements may be more strict. For example, more hand-washing or a rigorous cleaning schedule.

“These infection control practices will help you stay healthier, not just against coronavirus, but against influenza and metanuma virus and RSV and all of the ‘I’m a bad virus’ viruses,” said Dr. Steve Stites of the University of Kansas Health System.

Doctors say life could change again once vaccines for the coronavirus are made available. There is not a clear date of when that will be.