WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The city of Wichita is unveiling what the former Clapp Golf Course could soon look like as they re-purpose it into a park.

A dog park, bistro, and boathouse are some of the amenities that could come to the 90 plus acres of the former Clapp Golf Course. Design firm Confluence created three concepts for the park and creatively named them The Great Lawn, Promenade, and Prairie Edge.

“Three great ideas, three great options of getting some really cool things into this space,” said Troy Houtman, Director, City of Wichita Park and Recreation.

Houtman said they were created based on input from the community. He said one of the biggest differences between the designs is how the entrance will look.

“In regards to the Great Lawn, there’s actually a big lawn which is really kind of cool that can do all kinds of different activities. The promenade actually has a really interesting driveway going into the park.Then the Prairie Edge accentuates a little bit more of a spreading outfield throughout the rest of the park,”

The city will collect more feedback before selecting a final design. Houtman said there’s still a long way to go and the impacts of COVID are making it difficult to find funding.

“There’s been a delay on some of the capital projects and some of the projects that have been pushed out further years. As of now, in the CIP [Capital Improvement Program] in the next couple of years, I don’t have any money for this project yet,” said Houtman.

“The great thing is we have some amazingly generous people in our community and I think the way if this thing happens quicker, is if we can get some people that would be willing to privately fund areas of the park,” said James Clendenin, councilman.

Houtman said they expect to present the final master plan to city council by February of next year.