CLEARWATER, Kan. (KSNW) – Tex Titterington was on his way back from placing flags on veteran gravesites over Memorial Day weekend when he was killed in a car crash.

William Stanley “Tex” Titterington (Courtesy: Titterington family)

Family and community both say William Stanley “Tex” Titterington was doing what he always did.

“He loved to help people,” said son Sean Titterington. “He was just always supportive, always there for us.”

Tex’s wife echoes the thought.

“If you had a problem in the community, he would take your call at home,” said Michelle Titterington. “Yep. He was willing to speak to you at any time.”

Tex, who was 68, also has a long military service history and spread the idea of service to family and friends.

William Stanley “Tex” Titterington (Courtesy: Titterington family)

“He gave me my enlistment. He gave me my non-commissioned officer charge,” said Sean, who is still active military.

When not serving others, Tex had a passion for cars. He was driving his Corvette when the accident happened.

David Dowdy, president of the Air Capital Corvette Club, says Tex never spent as much time as he wanted in the club.

“He’s a real humble, unassuming man, and he was always the gentleman, and he was easy to be friends with,” said Dowdy. “And he probably didn’t get to do with the club as much as he wanted to, being a councilman and all the things he had going on.”

Daughter Sherri Thomas says Tex was always there for the kids and now grandkids.

“He loved his family, loved his grandkids,” said Thomas. “And would talk to everybody that would listen to him.”

William Stanley “Tex” Titterington (Courtesy: Titterington family)

That included community members in Clearwater, where Tex not only served as a city council member but on the park board as well.

“He’s been active in getting a nature park put in north of town,” said Sean. “When that park is done, we will have to go enjoy it. It’s just part of what he did.”

That nature park will be near the cemetery where Tex is being buried.

Visitation for Tex Titterington will be from 1-7 p.m. on June 1 at Webb-Shinkle Mortuary, 200 Tracy Ave. in Clearwater. Burial services are scheduled for 10 a.m. on June 2 at Ascension Lutheran Church at 842 N. Tyler in Wichita.