COWLEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — Cowley County Emergency Management has shared tips on how to become wildfire ready.

  1. Avoid an accidental fire start
    • Learn how to be fire safe with tools, campfires, BBQs and fireworks. Don’t pull over on dry grass.
  2. Prepare your home and yard
    • Keep your yard lean and green. Clear leaf piles. Mow yard. Trim up trees. Use non-combustible building materials.
  3. Prepare your family
    • Coordinate with your family on your protocol during an emergency. Keep important numbers on hand.
  4. Work with your neighbors
    • Talk with your neighbors and community leaders. Share wildfire preparedness information. Start a Firewise program.
  5. Stay informed
    • Sign up for your local government alerts to ensure you receive timely instructions during an emergency.

To view the National Weather Service’s Grassland Fire Danger Index for Wichita and the surrounding areas, click here.