GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Two people in Garden City are in custody in connection with a woman’s death in New Mexico, police say.

The Valencia County, New Mexico Sheriff’s Office contacted the Garden City Police Department Friday regarding a homicide suspect believed to be in Garden City.

Police say they learned that Rosalio Aguilera Gamboa, 50, had an active felony warrant for homicide, abuse of a child, and tampering with evidence. He was the husband of Karla Aguilera, 37, who was reported missing on Sept. 6. Last Wednesday, her body was found in a town about 45 miles from her hometown of Tome.

Police began investigating where her husband was. It led them to get a search warrant for a home in the 300 block of N. 10th Street in Garden City. Police said they had reason to believe there could be trouble, so they also sent the SWAT team. They arrived late Friday night and secured the scene.

At 2 a.m. Saturday, police say they arrested Aguilera Gamboa and Maria Guadalupe NevarezAguilera, 49, without incident. Valencia County authorities say the two suspects are cousins.

Other people were in the home, but they were released and taken to another location while police processed the scene. Detectives from the sheriff’s office in New Mexico arrived and collected evidence with the Garden City Police Department.

The Garden City Police Department says the other people in the Garden City home are either acquaintances or relatives in some manner.

Police booked Aguilera Gamboa into the Finney County Jail for the active out-of-state felony warrant for homicide, abuse of a child, and tampering with evidence.

They booked Nevarez-Aguilera on suspicion of accessory to homicide and harboring or aiding a felon.

The New Mexico sheriff’s office is expected to release more information sometime Monday.

Garden City police say a court will determine if the two suspects remain in Kansas or are sent back to New Mexico.