LARNED, Kan. (KSNW) — On Thursday, Jan. 6, Liliana Guadalupe Houser, 45, of Garden City, appeared in the Pawnee County District Court before District Judge Bruce Gatterman for a felony arraignment, where she agreed to a plea deal.

John Colt. (Courtesy: Sevier County, Utah, Sheriff’s Office)

On June 30, 2021, John Freeman Colt, 42, a lifetime registered sex offender in Kansas, escaped from a sexual predator treatment program located on the campus of Larned State Hospital (LSH). He was at large until Sep. 27, 2021, when he was captured in Wayne County, Utah.

Three women were arrested on suspicion of being accomplices to helping Colt escape: Liliana Guadalupe Houser, 45, Syndi Hartman, 29, and Rachel Rena Perez, 50. Houser has been in the custody of the Pawnee County Sheriff since her arrest on Oct. 8, 2021.

From left to right: Houser, Hartman, and Perez. Courtesy: Pawnee County.

Houser agreed to a plea deal, agreeing to plea “no contest” to three felonies:

  1. Unlawful sexual relations with a patient while employed by KDADS
  2. Traffic in contraband in a care and treatment facility while employed by KDADS
  3. Obstructing in the apprehension or prosecution of a registered sex offender

In exchange for the plea, the state agreed to dismiss an additional count of “unlawful sexual relations with a patient while employed by KDADS” and nine additional counts of “traffic in contraband in a care and treatment facility while employed by KDADS.”

Pawnee County Attorney Douglas McNett, who supported the plea, advised the Court that the State would have presented testimony with the following evidence:

  1. Houser was employed at LSH, engaged in a sexual relationship with Colt between Jan. 17, 2021, and June 24, 2021, and that she sent sexually explicit videos to Colt through the Facebook Messenger platform.
  2. When law inforcement interviewed her on July 1, 2021, Houser failed to disclose her relationship with colt or the existence of his Facebook account.
  3. This was intended to assist Colt in avoiding apprehension as the information on the account later played a crucial role in the investigation.

The defendant did not make any statement regarding the evidence.

Before Houser accepted the plea, she was informed by Judge Gatterman that she would be subject to registration as a sex offender for 25 years. Under Kansas Sentencing Guidelines, she faces a presumptive prison sentence between 31 months and 136 months, depending on her criminal history.

Houser’s sentencing has been scheduled for Feb. 17, 2022. Her bond is currently set at $45,000 cash or surety bond with additional reporting requirements should she post.