WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The City of Wichita says the air conditioning unit at Hyde Park Community Facility, 201 S. Greenwood, was damaged twice by vandals since early July.

Window damage at Hyde Park Community Facility. (Courtesy: Wichita Park & Recreation)

According to Wichita Park & Recreation, the unit was stripped of copper during the week of July 4. Damage exceeded $25,000. It also meant no cooling during July’s 100-degree weather. And without cooling, the center couldn’t offer programming or rentals for an entire month.

A new unit was finally installed on August 8. However, it was vandalized within hours. Due to the damage, the community facility is shut down until at least fall.

“We’ve displaced people who were using those facilities there. They are not able to use it for their events,” Reggie Davidson, Wichita Parks & Recreation superintendent, said.

Wichita Park & Recreation said earlier this year the location had several glass windows shattered throughout the building. The park says over $65,000 will be spent on repairs.

Wichita City Council member Brandon Johnson commented on the damage and said, “This is ridiculous!”

Wichita Mayor also weighed in.

“It affects our budget. We don’t just have extra money laying around to make these repairs.”

Wichita Park & Recreation urges anyone with tips on the vandal to call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 to report a crime and possibly receive a reward.