WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Caught on camera, a video shows thieves casing a Wichita neighborhood, trying to get into cars.

Wichita auto larcenies as a whole are down from 2,460 cases in 2020 to 2,076 cases this year. However, Wichita Police Department Larceny Division Supervisor Sergeant Trevor McDonald says they still have a lot of work to do.

“They’re down by a couple of hundred, but a couple of hundred represents, I think, less than 1% of larcenies,” he said. “We continue to work very diligently across the city, and I hope those things are what’s leading to this depression in some of those numbers.”

Martha Sanchez lives in southwest Wichita. Recently, someone broke into her car outside of her house, her rear window shattered in the process.

“Like at first I didn’t even notice, and then when I did notice, I was just mad, I guess, is the only thing I could say. And then I had to get my window fixed, so I was mad about that.”

After the break-in, Sanchez says her family added several security cameras around their home. Not long after installing the cameras, they caught a potential thief.

“It’s a violation of our privacy,” Sanchez added. “We’re at home, we’re sleeping, and we want to be safe in our house, and this dude just walks all over our property.”

McDonald says cameras and being a good neighbor are great tools to fight car thieves.

“Being that community member and having that communication in your neighborhood is so important,” he said.

WPD has an Auto Crimes Enforcement Team. That unit works as a jack of all trades to find serial thieves and other criminals. KSN is told the ACE team expects big news regarding its operations next week.