WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It was literally the middle of the day when shots rang out in the direction of Wichita East High School on Tuesday.

“It’s bold. It’s disturbing, and I’m concerned,” said “Jane” who lives near the school but did not want to be identified. “I just moved in over here.”

The shots were not on East High property but three students were hit. Two students had minor injuries.

Jane says it’s not a shock to hear about shootings. But a shooting during the day next to her home is enough to make her wonder about safety.

She is not alone.

“First of all this incident, obviously, shakes our community,” said Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay. “It’s very disturbing to everybody including me.”

Ramsay says good police work helped land three suspects within an hour of the shooting Tuesday.

“We also got a lot of help, and that’s what we need. We need the community to engage,” said Ramsay.

One employee at a business near the shooting says someone at the business witnessed three teens get out of a car. They tell KSN those teens had a long gun and were wearing masks and hoods.

That did not look right so the employee started snapping pics on their phone.

“We were able to get a license plate number or general vehicle description,” said Capt. Kevin Kochenderfer, Wichita Police Department.

From there, WPD put that information into the Flock Safety system used to track violent or criminal offenders in cars throughout the metro area. Kochenderfer says that narrowed the search.

Even though three suspects were arrested within the hour, some say the shooting in the middle of the day is cause for concern.

Ric Wolford is another business owner in the area.

“I come out and clean the area and patrol the area in the mornings anyway just because, to pick up things,” said Wolford. “A lot of kids, adults, throw trash out.”

Wolford says, while he is not immediately concerned, he has also never seen a daytime shooting like this in the area.

Meanwhile, Chief Ramsay says the department has worked hard the last few years to get tough on guns and violent crime.

Again, he says, community help is needed and that includes parents.

“Whether it be playing with guns and bringing guns out, threatening people with guns,” said Ramsay. “Or gang involvement and threatening others. It is a lifestyle that is causing a lot of these issues.”