An unusual development tonight that police believe could be related to Wichita’s deadly swatting call.
A swatting call in Ohio, placed just days before the call to Andrew Finch’s home, has some eerie similarities.  

Our affiliate in Cincinnati WLWT reports that a home in Cincinnati was swatted last December. 
Turns out, it’s the former home of Casey Viner. 

He’s one of the men charged in the federal indictment for his alleged involvement in the swatting incident in Wichita. KSN talked with a Cincinnati police lieutenant about the similarities.

The swat call that killed Andrew Finch back on December 28th is being compared for its similarities to what is believed to be a swatting call in Cincinnati, just ten days earlier.

It happened at the former home of Viner who’s federally charged in the Wichita case, along with Tyler Barriss and Shane Gaskill. WLWT obtained a part of the call this week.

“Ok. What exactly happened?” said the dispatcher.

“My mom and dad were arguing and it got out of hand, so I just shot him in the head,” said the caller.

KSN talked to Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Steve Saunders, who says so far, there’s been no arrests or charges for the incident and no one was hurt.

He says it’s not actively being investigated, but is being looked at for its resemblance to the swatting call in Wichita, which the indictment says was the result of an argument between Viner and Gaskill.

It says Viner asked Barriss to “swat” Gaskill at 1033 West McCormick, the home of Finch. This is audio KSN obtained from that call.

“They were arguing, and I shot him in the head and is not breathing anymore,” said the caller.

WLWT says because of the similar threats, words, and tones of both calls police believe they may be connected. Lt. Saunders said this type of situation is happening too often and are needless situations.

KSN reached out to Andrew Finch’s family to see what they thought of this and their advocate shared this statement that reads quote.

“The Finch family will continue to focus on the federal civil rights litigation against the City of Wichita, Wichita Police, and Officer Justin Rapp. It is our hope that cities across the country will learn from the Andy Finch “swatting” incident and develop best practices to avoid these types of tragedies in the future.”