HAYS, Kan. (KSNW) — A man from Hays has been arrested on suspicion of five charges.

According to the Hays Police Department, officers were dispatched to the 600 block of W. 13th, in Hays, for a report of a man with a gun that had entered a home and attempted to rob the tenants.

Once officers from the Hays Police Department and the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, they learned that the suspect had fled on foot.

Officers and deputies were able to pursue the suspect, and after refusing to comply with officers, despite repeated commands, the suspect was caught. In refusing to comply with the officers, an officer deployed his taser, but it was ineffective as the suspect was wearing a heavy coat. Two officers then tackled the suspect and forcibly handcuffed him. The suspect further resisted, according to HPD.

The suspect was then arrested and taken to Hays Medical Center for medical evaluation. He was then released and transported to the Ellis County Jail.

According to the HPD, an investigation into the incident revealed that the suspect had entered an apartment to rob the tenants.

He held a knife to one of the victim’s throat and threatened to kill them.

A neighbor heard the disturbance and approached the apartment. The suspect confronted the neighbor, and the neighbor attempted to call 911 before the suspect took his phone. The neighbor then went back to his apartment and got a handgun to protect himself. The suspect attacked the neighbor, trying to take the gun away. The neighbor was able to able to retain the gun and force the suspect out of the apartment, according to HPD.

According to the Hays Police Department, 28-year-old Brenden Smith, of Hays, was arrested on Saturday, Dec. 18, on the suspicion of the following charges:

  1. Aggravated burglary
  2. Robbery
  3. Aggravated Battery
  4. Interference with a law enforcement officer
  5. Criminal threat

The case is still under investigation by the Hays Police Department.