LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (FOX4KC/WDAF) — A 67-year-old Linwood, Kansas, man has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for the 2018 shooting death of his girlfriend, 61-year-old Constance Perryman.

Dan Stuart Flannagan was sentenced Friday to four years and 11 months in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

Flannagan pleaded guilty last month to the death of Perryman, which occurred on April 3, 2018. Court documents say on that date, Flannagan and Perryman started to argue. Flannagan fired a shotgun multiple times, catching the attention of one of his roommates who lived in a trailer on the property.

The roommate saw Flannagan and the victim outside, verbally arguing. After a short time, the roommate heard another shot and went back outside to investigate. The roommate saw Flannagan standing near where Perryman was last seen and saying, “get up.”

The victim was later found with wounds from shotgun pellets on her arm and one pellet wound that went under her arm, and that wound ended up striking her heart, killing her.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department searched the scene and found a spent .410 shell casing and a substantial amount of blood where the victim was last seen.

At the sentencing, the brother of Perryman spoke, asking for as much time as possible for Flannagan, according to Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson.