WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Three officer-involved shootings in Kansas all within 24 hours.

The KBI was tasked with investigating all three which happened over the weekend. It is on top of the dozens of murder cases and hundreds of violent crime cases.

“Doing the best we can, but times like that certainly test our resources and push our limits,” said Tony Weingartner, assistant director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Officer involved shootings in Lyons, Andover and Colby put KBI agents on notice and on scene.

“We have around 100 commissioned agents to work cases across the state and that weekend, we probably had two thirds to three-quarters of our workforce out working at some point,” said Weingartner.

Agents across the state were called to action this weekend.

“Were pulling people clear out from Colby, Hays, Great Bend, and then even some from the northeast region,” added Weingartner.

“You could have 10, 15, 20 agents out on a scene depending on how complicated it is and how extensive the scene is per incident,” Weingartner explained.

Weekends like the past means previous cases under investigation were put on pause.

Before the three officer-involved shootings agents were already working a double homicide in Independence and an officer-involved shooting in Saline County.

Typically, Weingartner says KBI will investigate 15 to 20 officer-involved shootings per year. In 2020, they are already investigating 16. To make sure past cases and new ones are handled properly, agents are logging major overtime, Weingartner says.

“Thousands of dollars worth of overtime,” Weingartner said. “It may even be in the tens of thousands before we get it all tallied. Weeks like last week put some pressure on us and you hope that you have a quiet week or two to catch up.”