LANSING, Kan. — Officials continue to search for an escaped inmate from Lansing Correctional Facility and, once again, nearby schools are on high alert and going on “lockout” for the second day in a row.

District administrators say the prison notified them of another emergency inmate headcount happening Wednesday. The district also told parents that it was happening as a precautionary measure.

Among neighbors of the prison, there’s a thirst for information at this point because Wednesday’s emergency headcount appears to be related to Tuesday’s escape — but it’s unclear how.

Neither the Lansing Correctional Facility nor Lansing police have shared details on how Tuesday’s escape happened.

“Yeah, we found out about 3 o’clock through a friend. She showed it to me on her phone, and I didn’t hear no sirens, no alert on my phone,” one neighbor said.

The missing inmate is 41-year-old Michael Stroede who is serving time after a history of theft and drug charges. He’s described as 5-foot-10 and about 180 pounds. He has a tattoo that says “JAYDEN” on his neck, among others.

David Sherrick, a retired security patrol officer at the prison, lives right across the street. He said the escaped inmate doesn’t surprise him.

“They’re short-handed. They need help. They need to get paid better, too,” Sherrick said.

“They’re in prison 12 hours a day now. It was 8 hours a day when I worked there,” Sherrick said.

As for the search for the inmate, neighbors said there’s been no large-scale sweep of the area. A tip to police that Stroede was spotted at a nearby gas station wearing a neon vest and blonde wig has been dismissed by locals as bogus.

“They don’t stick around here. They get as far away as they can,” Sherrick said.

“Probably he had it planned. And I don’t know why the security patrol didn’t see something suspicious going on,” Sherrick said.