LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) — Police ask the community to be aware of crimes often committed by a group known as the “Felony Lane Gang.”

The Lawrence Police Department posted a message on Facebook saying officers have taken several reports over the past several months that fit the type of crimes members of the gang are known to commit.

Thieves are bold and are known to hit quickly and in broad daylight.

Police say the FLG typically travels in groups, breaking into cars parked at gyms, parking lots, dog parks, and other areas, and stealing credit and debit cards or checks. Then, they use the stolen cards to make large purchases or gift cards.

The thieves usually work in pairs, according to the Lawrence Police Department. The man will break into the car, and the woman will dress up and impersonate the owner of the credit and debit cards.

The group has been around for years and got the Felony Lane Gang name because they are known for using bank drive-thru lanes far away from the teller. They also use self-checkout lanes to buy gift cards. Police say the thieves believe they are less likely to be identified that way.