KSN was able to speak with Lucas’ great aunt about the death of Emily Glass. She says she heard as soon as she got up this morning.

Sally Rasmussen called from New Mexico, and said she was initially shocked. She never met Emily, but knew her through family when Emily and Jonathan Hernandez started dating.

Sally says that’s when her family started seeing Lucas less and less. She feels bad for Emily’s parents, but says she’s also very upset about Lucas and his time cut short.

“It’s kind of hard, you know, things have come out all through the day, I was certainly hoping my nephew didn’t have anything to do with this and what happened…one of my thoughts was I hope she at least left letters about what she did and that the truth would come out one way or another, said Sally Rasmussen, Lucas’ great aunt. I mean it’s a sad, sad situation, this is just a tragedy all the way around.”