A Wellington man is dead after a stabbing early Saturday morning. The family tells us it is 26-year-old Kyle James Hill, and say Kyle will be deeply missed.

His mother, father, siblings, and others are coming together during this very difficult time. She says a big part of her life, is now gone.

“I feel empty I feel like I can’t breathe,” said Dena Bailey, Wellington.

Dena Bailey says she and her family are overwhelmed with grief with the loss of her son Kyle.

“Can’t even describe what the pain feels like when you lose a child, it’s just your heart is cut out,” said Dena.

The father of two children was stabbed early Saturday morning on the 300 block of North B Street and taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Dena quickly discovered that there was an emergency involving her son from a friend close by.

“She said I have to get off here I have to call 911, she said get over here now,” said Dena.

Keeping memories of Kyle close is how Dena will remember her son.

“He was a hard worker, he didn’t care to get dirty he loved, loved to go to Drury Dam,” said Dena.

But accepting that he is gone, she says, is devastating.

“I’ve got so many hits on messenger and on my texts, is he doing okay, and I have to tell them no he didn’t make it,” said Dena.

Dena says she appreciates all of the messages and support from family and friends, and they are planning a time to celebrate his life.

Wellington police say a 29-year-old Wellington woman who was being held in connection to the case was released.