OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (WDAF) — One person was robbed in Overland Park after a large withdrawal from a Bank of America ATM.

Two alleged suspects are behind bars after being arrested near another bank in Olathe.

Now, law enforcement authorities in two Johnson County cities are warning people: be aware of your surroundings. They urge this as they say this is happening more frequently.

The term for this is called jugging.

“It’s pretty concerning,” Elisha Stone, who lives in Overland Park, said.

It all started around 10:30 a.m., Friday when a person was making a large withdrawal at the bank.

Afterward, they left and made a stop near 95th and Antioch.  

When they returned to their car, it had been broken into, and the money from the ATM was stolen. That’s when they knew they had just been jugged.

“People see it more as an errand, a thing like I need to go ahead and take care of this and get on out of here, but I do think things like this will make people more alert,” Stone said.

Police used a license plate reader camera to track two alleged suspects. Officers caught up with them near another bank, this time in Olathe. The two have been booked into the Johnson County Detention Center and await charges.

“I already do that, as far as check my surroundings and stuff like that, but especially now that I have that information,” Stone said.

Capitan Keith Hruska, with the Overland Park Police Department, says it is vital to be aware of your surroundings when withdrawing or depositing money at the ATM.

He says if you plan to withdraw a large sum of money, don’t make any stops and get to where you’re going ASAP.

Oscar Pecar, who has two daughters and has lived in Overland Park for over 25 years, says this is shocking.

“We make the trip together, you know, not like one person, three or, or four … I’m really surprised,” Pescar said.

WDAF is not naming the two people arrested because we are waiting for charges to be filed by the Johnson County DA’s office.