WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wade Dunn, the man convicted of stabbing a woman 30 times back on Sept. 23, 2019, near 17th and Doreen in northeast Wichita, was sentenced Wednesday to 290 months in prison.

Dunn was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder, instead of first degree, and guilty of aggravated battery back in April.

During the stabbing, the victim dropped to the ground and begged him to stop. The victim survived the stabbing, and at Wednesday’s sentence hearing, she spoke in detail about the 17-seconds during the stabbing and the minutes after Dunn left her on her front lawn.

“I remember choking on my own blood and not being able to see you because my face was covered in blood,” she said. “You left me to bleed out to die on my front lawn, while my 15-month-old son was left alone inside the house and for what?”

The victim continued, “I’ve never met you before, you never said a word to me. I’d have given you anything you wanted to prevent you from stabbing me almost 30 times, no one deserves that.”

She said Dunn put her, her family, and friends through the worst nightmare she could have dreamt.

During the trial, Dunn said he was high on K2 and meth while walking through the victim’s neighborhood. He said he was carrying a knife because he’s “naturally paranoid.”

Judge Bruce Brown said at the sentencing that Dunn was in court for 11 different criminal offenses since 2000.

“The courts, and our society, have been trying to intervene in your life and get you turned around, since you were a child, and your first criminal conviction in the year 2000,” said Judge Brown. “The thought of you out of custody and in open society, chills, to the bone.”

Judge Brown said the courts tried to intervene but said this was a monstrous attack.

“Your savage actions in this case are but beyond anything I’ve handled in my 22 years. I have not encountered anyone, anyone who I feel is a greater threat to the physical safety of our community, then you,” he said. “Mr. Dunn your actions on the 23rd of September of 2019 can be described as nothing less than terrifying brutal shocking monstrous and bloodthirsty.”

It’s something the victim said she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

“I’m never going to forgive you, what you did was disgusting and inexcusable,” she said. “At the end of it all, you still won’t receive what you deserve as punishment, nothings going to undo the damage you caused, nothings going to make this even for me.”

Dunn showed no emotion after the judge and victim expressed their emotions.