INGALLS, Kan. (KSNW) — Someone put fuel card skimmers in gas pumps in at least two different Kansas towns recently. Now, law enforcement officers are warning people who used debit and credit cards at the gas pumps to check their bank accounts and credit card accounts.

The Gray County Sheriff’s Office says the skimmers were found Wednesday in the pumps at Pride Ag Resources in Ingalls.

The Hodgeman County Sheriff’s Office said it was called to investigate a skimmer found at the Jetmore Pride Ag two days ago. The 91-octane pump was the only one with a skimmer.

“After noticing other counties have had the same incident with skimmers, I know it’s not a local event only, and I need to make the notification,” the sheriff said in a Facebook post.

Both sheriffs say that if you used a financial card at the gas pumps recently, you should check your account for any possible fraudulent activity. If you find a problem with your account, let your financial institution know and contact your sheriff’s office.

In both Gray and Hodgeman counties, investigators say the skimmers have been removed, and it is now safe to use cards at the gas pumps.

“The reason these skimmers were initially found was due to upgrades that were taking place,” the Hodgeman County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post said. “New updated security card readers were added. These new added readers have a higher security feature with less threat of a skimmer being added. I did not want to scare anyone from getting fuel in the future just a heads up to watch statements from the past card readers.”