TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld a Ford County Court sentence for a man who plead no contest to the 2018 Dodge City murder of Shantel Rose Winkler.  

In an opinion published on Friday, the Supreme Court affirmed the denial of a motion to depart from sentencing guidelines.

Attorneys for Boston Cole Boswell had filed a motion in the 2019 case asking for the court for a downward departure from the “Hard 50” sentence.  Boswell had asked the court to depart from that sentence and instead allow him a chance at parole after 25 years. 

The court had also sentenced Boswell to lifetime post release supervision and electronic monitoring as a condition of parole. Boswell contended that that condition rendered his sentence illegal. The state concedes that the district court lacked authority to impose post release supervision or electronic monitoring as a condition of parole, so those components of the sentence were vacated.