GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Ring doorbell camera captured a black SUV speeding through a Michigan neighborhood last week — around the same time, two people were found dead in the street just over one mile away.

Video shows a Jeep Trailhawk hurtling north down a street in the Alger Heights neighborhood around 11 a.m. on Nov. 6. It was later confirmed a toddler was in the backseat.

Nexstar’s WOOD obtained Ring doorbell video of the moment the boy, who’s nearly three, was dropped off at Seymour Park, which is basically a vacant, grass-covered corner lot.

At 11:05 a.m., the video shows the black SUV stopping and the driver’s side door opening.

The person, presumably the driver, steps out, opens the back door, and retrieves what was later confirmed to be the toddler son of one of the two victims, both of whom had been shot to death.

According to Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom, the child had blood on his clothes when dropped off and, therefore, may have witnessed his father’s killing.

In the video, once the person removes the toddler from the back seat, a fence obscures the view.

However, they can be made out walking or carrying the child across a street to place him in the park, after which the driver returns to the vehicle and speeds away, tires screeching. 

Depositing the toddler took 23 seconds.

The neighbor who shared the Ring images said there’s a gap in the video after the vehicle speeds away, but when the camera picks up again at 11:10 a.m., a couple walking their dogs had stopped to help the child and call police.

Around that time, a mile and a half west in the Burton Heights neighborhood, neighbors called 911 to report a bullet-riddled body in the street. The body was later identified as that of the toddler’s father, 19-year-old Malik Eubanks.

Grand Rapids Police said he was dumped there moments before his son was dropped off at Seymour Park.

The body of Eubanks’ girlfriend, Aniyia Rodriguez, was found lying just around the corner from his. Rodgriguez, 20, had also been shot to death.

Approximately five hours later, around 4 p.m., GRPD said a third deadly shooting occurred in the nearby vicinity. Darryl Yarber was also found shot dead.

At 7:45 that Monday night, Grand Rapids Police discovered the black Jeep abandoned three miles away.

The SUV belonged to Anayia Rodriguez.

Eubanks’ son was not injured, and he is back home with his mother.

Grand Rapids Police continue their hunt for a killer, or killers, and detectives ask anyone with information to call them.