NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Kacey Jennings, the man arrested in connection with the murder of Allison Maria Castro, 28, obtained a restraining order against her this summer, only to ask for it to be dismissed one day later.

Court records show that Jennings, 29, filed for and received a temporary protection order on June 8. In a document submitted to receive the order, Jennings, 29, stated that he believed he was in “immediate danger of domestic abuse.” The filing notes that the two began living together on March 3 and adds that they were in a “dating relationship” from Jan. 30 to May 23.

“I’m terrified of someone violent in my home,” he stated. “Allison broke up with me until June 8, 2022. I have been financially supporting her.” He also told the court that he “contacted her boyfriend asking him to take her in.”

I was awoken to bright lights in my head as Allison was punching my face, and protected my eyes from being scratched out. She walked out of my bedrooom when I locked my door. I contacted the Fayetteville Police Department to assist me in leaving the house. While I was on the phone with dispatch, Allison was banging on my door telling me to open it, and told me that she was going to beat me some more and kill me.

Kacey Jennings, June 8, Petition for Domestic Order of Protection

Washington County Circuit Court issued an order of protection on June 8. One day later, Jennings requested a dismissal of the order. In a court filing, he said that an incident “triggered [his] PTSD of being beaten” for the first 13 years of his life. He said that led to him making a “rash decision” in requesting the order.

“I do not think the respondent is a danger to my life or a threat,” he added. The order was dismissed on June 10.

Jennings was arrested in connection with Castro’s death on Sept. 27. He is facing charges of capital murder and abuse of a corpse. Authorities have been searching Beaver Lake for two days for evidence relevant to the case.