WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A Wichita business is out thousands of dollars because of thieves. The owners say someone busted through their barbed wire fence, cut the locks off their trailers, and took off with their equipment.

Childhood friends Cyle Barnwell and Spencer Allen acquired Keystone Solid Surfaces in 2017. They say it’s difficult seeing $20,000 of equipment get stolen, especially since they did take some precautions.

“You try to do the right thing and earn people’s business and run your business and do things the right way, and just have someone come spend a couple of hours and take stuff from you. It sucks,” explained Barnwell, co-owner.

Co-owner Allen was the one that initially noticed the trailers missing from the lot.

“They had trailer locks on them,” Allen explained, “and it was inside a secure fence, so they cut the fence with grinders, pulled it away, drove through, knocked down some posts, and then cut the trailer locks off with a grinder I’m assuming.”

The thieves activated only one surveillance camera while stealing the trailers. Going forward, Keystone Solid Surfaces will be beefing up their security, including lining the back fencing with concrete barriers to keep trucks out.

“We talked trail cams since or cameras are a little farther away, and those barriers are a decent investment,” added Barnwell. “I think we got 16 or 17 of them to line the whole fence back there.”

Barnwell is hoping the loss of these trailers won’t slow down the business. Currently, they fabricate more than a thousand square feet of countertops every day.

“It’s frustrating when you come in, check your cameras on a Sunday night, and you find out you have a couple of trailers missing,” said Allen. “You automatically start thinking about how you’re going to get stuff done throughout the week and how do you pivot and move forward.”