WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — This week marks 21 years since the disappearance of 4-year-old Jaquilla Scales from her Wichita home. While it got a lot of attention for a few days, her case was dwarfed six days later by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But her family, friends, and the Wichita Police Department have not forgotten about her. They still want to know what happened to Jaquilla.

Jaquilla was last seen in her bed at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 5, 2001. At 3 a.m., she was gone from her home in the 1600 block of N. Volutsia.

The little girl was last seen wearing a knee-length floral nightshirt and tan barrettes in her hair. She had a scar on her upper right leg, a brown birthmark on her face, and her upper teeth were decayed at the time of her disappearance. She also went by the nickname “Granny Boo.”

This year, Jaquilla would be 25 years old. The Wichita Police Department released photos of what she looked like when she was four and what she might look like now.

The WPD is using the anniversary of her disappearance to bring awareness to the case.

Police are asking for any information regarding the disappearance. If you can help, call WPD investigators at 316-268-4379 or email the Cold Case Unit at coldcase@wichita.gov.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.