WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A court document released Friday details the investigation into a Wichita murder over Memorial Day weekend.

Roger Gale Jr., 27, of Wichita, is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Emmanuel Hardy, 30, of Wichita. Hardy was found fatally injured at an apartment complex in the 4900 block of E. Harry on May 28.

The probable cause affidavit released Friday was written by Detective Michelle Palmer. It reveals what police heard from witnesses to the shooting.

A woman who was with Hardy the night of the shooting told detectives she had been on a date with him that night. She said that while they were outside her house, she talked to a nearby man and woman about picking up their dog’s waste. Then she and Hardy drove away.

The woman said she noticed a vehicle following them, close to her bumper. She said she pulled into a parking lot, and the vehicle pulled in on her passenger side. She said a man got out of the vehicle’s passenger side and said, “Remember me?”

The woman said she and Emmanuel stood outside her car, and the man pulled out a silver revolver with a black handle. She told police that the man said a racial slur and pointed the gun in her face. She said Hardy pushed her back, and she ran.

She told police she looked back and saw Hardy cross his hands in front of his face. Then, she said she heard three gunshots and saw the shooter get back into the vehicle. She tried to find Hardy but only found his phone with blood on it. She later gave the phone to the police and described the shooter and the vehicle.

The affidavit shows that detectives interviewed several other people who either saw or heard the shooting and gave descriptions of the vehicle and the suspect.

Police say they have surveillance video from the apartment complex that shows a car pulling into the parking lot, closely followed by a large SUV with a cover on the rear passenger window. Police say the video shows the woman from the car and the man from the SUV outside their vehicles exchanging words. The man from the car joins them at the rear of the vehicle. Police say the man from the SUV pulls out a handgun, shoots at the other man, and chases him around the vehicles. Then the shooter gets back into the SUV and flees.

Police say the license plate on the SUV is registered to Gale. Officers found the vehicle in south Wichita. They say the rear passenger window was covered with cardboard.

The affidavit describes the interview with the woman who was allegedly driving the SUV that night. The woman told detectives that she and Gale work together. After work, they drove to Gale’s house to take his dog for a walk. She said that while on the walk, they encountered a man and woman who accosted them about making sure the dog did not defecate in their yard.

The woman told police that Gale found that to be rude, so they exchanged words with the couple. She said that she and Gale continued to walk the dog. When they returned to Gale’s house, she said she got into the driver’s seat while Gale put the dog in the house.

She said he came out of the house, got into the passenger seat and used a racial slur to ask where the other couple had gone. When they saw the couple leave, she said Gale told her to follow them.

According to police, the woman said they followed the other couple to an apartment complex and that she pulled in so that the driver’s side of the SUV was on the passenger side of the couple’s car. She told police that Gale immediately got out, as did the woman in the car. She said she heard them exchanging words but that she could not get out of the SUV because the driver’s side door did not open from the inside.

The woman told police that she saw the man get out of the car, and within seconds, she heard gunshots. According to the probable cause affidavit, the woman said Gale got back into the SUV and said to “Go.” They drove away.

Some of the information in the affidavit has been redacted, including the address of a home police searched. However, the document does say that an officer found a Rock Island Model 200 .38 Special revolver while searching a bedroom. The cylinder was fully loaded with cartridges, but some appeared to have been fired. The gun was submitted for testing.

Gale appeared before a judge on June 2 and was charged with murder and aggravated assault. The judge set his bond at $500,000.

Gale remains in jail. His next court date is Aug. 4 for a preliminary hearing.