WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Wichita Police Department (WPD) is trying to make the highest-crash intersection in Wichita safer.

That is why officers from the WPD Traffic Section and Patrol East Community Policing were at Kellogg and Rock Rd. Tuesday morning. They were writing tickets for traffic violations that can lead to crashes.

They say 44 drivers failed to stop at a red light, five drivers disobeyed other traffic controls, and one driver was cited for texting while driving.

According to WPD statistics, the intersection of Kellogg and Rock Road averaged one crash a week last year.

2021 Wichita high-crash intersections

IntersectionNumber of crashes in 2021
Kellogg and Rock52
Kellogg and Broadway44
Kellogg and Meridian43
Kellogg and Washington42
Rock and K-9642
Kellogg and Seneca41
13th and Rock33
21st and Maize33
21st and Woodlawn30
Kellogg and Eisenhower Airport Parkway27
Kellogg and Hillside27
Pawnee and Seneca27
21st and I-13526
21st and Webb26
Harry and Webb26
13th and Tyler25
21st and Amidon23
21st and Oliver23
Central and Rock23
Kellogg and Webb22
Pawnee and Rock22
21st and Tyler21
Kellogg and I-13521
Kellogg and Maize21
21st and Greenwich20
Central and Woodlawn20
21st and Rock19
Harry and Rock19
Kellogg and Market19
21st and Ridge18
Central and Maize18
Kellogg and West18
Kellogg and Woodlawn18
13th and Webb17
47th and Broadway17
Central and Hillside17
Kellogg and Main17
Kellogg and Oliver17
Kellogg and Dugan16
Lincoln and Woodlawn16
29th and Maize15
29th and Rock15
47th and Hydraulic15
Central and Ridge15
Central and Tyler15
Lincoln and Broadway15
Central and Greenwich14
Harry and Hillside14
Kellogg and Greenwich14
Kellogg and Tyler14
Maple and Ridge14
Courtesy Wichita Police Department