WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita Police Department’s Deputy Chief Jose Salcido said he sees a pattern in arrests made for recent violent crimes. He said roughly 40% of them are repeat offenders who have already committed crimes in other counties.  

“Out of the seven this month, two are Sedgwick County offenders, and then, five offenders in some other county.”

Salcido said part of the problem is coming from outside city limits. 

“They’re doing correctional dumping to Wichita,” said Salcido. 

Salcido said mental health resources and job opportunities in Wichita are why many end up in the Air Capital, but Salcido said even counties that have similar resources for offenders are still sending them to Wichita.   

“If they knew the load that this poses on our local law enforcement, it actually takes away from the law, local callers to 911,” said Salcido. “What is notable between these career criminals that are sent here from other parts, is that the crimes they commit are headline grabbers, which require a lot of police resources to deal with.”

He said it takes more time and manpower to solve violent crimes because the department is less familiar with the offenders.

Salcido said Kansas lawmakers need to bring more resources across Kansas so parolees are not pushed into Wichita.

“They need to keep them and not send them here, send them back to their county where they offended and deal with them there,” said Salcido.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said tighter parole guidelines could also help with the number of repeat offenders walking the streets.

“Most of the folks that we’ll see here in the jail that’s a revolving door. They’re constantly coming to jail because they’ve had multiple, multiple chances,” said Easter. “Maybe, it’s time to start taking a look at that more in-depth.”