WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s been nine months since Julie Dombo was in a Derby AT&T store when a gunman came in and started shooting. Now, the quadruple amputee got a chance to say thank you to the paramedics who helped save her life.

It was a touching ceremony at Wesley Medical Center when Julie went there to say thank you to two Sedgwick County EMS paramedics, Amber Estrada and Sharde Hornberger..

“I’m just so glad you are up and walking and doing well honestly,” said Hornberger.

A very touching moment as Hornberger and Estrada met Julie for the first time since she was shot at an AT&T store in Derby last fall.

“All I could think of was, I’m going to die. I’m just going to lay on this floor, by myself. My husband and daughter’s are never going to see me again, and I’m going to die,” Julie said.

Terrifying thoughts for Julie.

“I just thought I was going to bleed out and die right there,” said Dombo. “Oh, we wouldn’t let that happen,” Hornberger said.

“I realize I have a job to do and I’m going to get it there, but for her saying she realize she was laying there all alone, she felt that she was going to die. I was not going to let that happen.” said Hornberger.

Both paramedics say it’s rare when they get to see what happens, after that initial call.

“To see her striving and again, in the high spirits that she’s in, it does, it makes it feel like what we’re doing matters out here,” said Estrada.

And for Julie, a chance to say thank you.

“Sharde, you earned this. Thank you. I love you,” said Julie. “Oh, you’re welcome. I love you too,” said Hornberger.

Now, she’s able to flex her muscles and give strong hugs.

“I should have been dead, but because of them,” said Dombo. “Starting with these ladies,” said Julie’s husband, John Dombo. “I’m sitting here,”

It’s been a long road to recovery for Julie and it’s not over, but she’s excited to be celebrating her strides by participating in the River Run next month.