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Vitaminwater challenging people to ditch their smartphones for a chance to win $100K

(KSNW) - Want to win $100,000? Vitaminwater announced this week the company is having a contest offering smartphone users a chance at winning $100K.

What's the catch? Entrants have to ditch their smartphones for an entire year and prove it. 

Do you think you could do it? 

The beverage company said it wants to help its customers separate from their devices. The company also wants to know what you would do with all of the time you used to spend with your cell phone. 

For entry information, click here

According to the company you may not use any smartphone for 365 days, adding that "you may not physically operate, caress, hug or otherwise be physically affectionate with anyone's smartphone."

The company went on to say if you find yourself missing you smartphone, "just close your eyes and dream about vitaminwater."

Full contest rules can be found here


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