ROUND ROCK, Texas (NBC) – Road rage is hardly a laughing matter, but the attached clip make you chuckle. 

Kelii Williams was driving to work on Interstate 35 near Austin Monday morning when she came upon two men, who exited their cars, blocked traffic, and began scuffling.

That’s when Williams decided to pull out her cell phone and start recording.

What’s so funny, is Williams play-by-play commentary of the incident.

“Now this is live in action for real. Umm Umm Umm….. These two men acting like fools. I ain’t making this up. Girl, shut up. This is too much for me. Too old bro, too old. Can we get some movement. Yo, lets chop this up.”

Road rage is no laughing matter, and Williams is just glad no one got hurt.

She posted the video on social media, and, as of this morning, it’s gotten more than 872,000 views.