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MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – The Mulvane community is coming together once again to welcome home a 17-year-old who has been in a rehab hospital in Nebraska since the end of June.

On the morning of Friday, June 30, Creighton Schmidt was critically injured in a rollover crash on his way to work.

According to his mother, Megan Schmidt, law enforcement believes that his truck “swerved off the road into an embankment, causing his truck to become airborne, rolling end over end when it came back down, and ejecting him from the vehicle at some point in the collision. His body was found about 60 feet from his truck.”

Megan said that Creighton suffered from spinal cord injury, lacerated spleen, internal breathing, damage to his lungs, and multiple broken bones.

The Mulvane community didn’t hesitate to offer their support. Since the crash, members of the community have rallied together, purchased T-shirts that say #CreightonStrong, and even contributed to the family’s Amazon wish list.

Following many surgeries, Creighton is finally coming home.

Creighton Schmidt receives the Madonna Spirit Award, an award given out to patients who exhibit determination and a positive attitude (Courtesy: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals)


“Let’s show Creighton how much he has been missed!” Adrianna Grube shared on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 6 p.m., the community will fill the sidewalks along 111th Street and Webb Road. Those who are coming out to support the family are asked to wear their red #CreightonStrong shirts or anything red.

“Please note, while the family is so grateful for the love and support they’ve been shown, this is not a time for visiting. Parents, please remind your kids that Creighton and his family will need to get settled and their new routine established. A household full of people would be a little overwhelming during this time,” continued Grube’s Facebook post.

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A message from Megan

Megan shared a Facebook post nearly a week after the crash, saying that if there is one thing that she wants people to know about the crash, it is the importance of having crash detection on your phone.

“He was alone and barely alive. Had his phone not had crash detection on it, Creighton wouldn’t still be here,” Megan wrote. “I hope you never need to use it but, if you or your loved one were to ever have an accident, I can promise you will be forever grateful for how quickly they are able to get help.”

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