Kim went to a New Mexico Supercuts asking for a shoulder-length asymmetrical bob, and this is what her hair looked like when she left.

“The receptionist was like, how do you feel? And I’m like, ‘I don’t feel good, I feel humiliated.’ I just wanted to pay and leave because I was just so embarrassed,” said Kim.

Kim took pictures of her haircut as soon as she got home. She then called Supercuts asking for a refund and for them to fix her hair.

“I should’ve said something when I first got out of the chair but I was so humiliated and it was just like scary,” said Kim.

Kim says Supercuts did agree to fix her now “pixie cut” style hair the next day, but they wouldn’t refund all of her money.

“Regularly, we don’t refund styles,” said Lina Hoppes, local HR manager for Supercuts.

KRQE News 13 asked Hoppes if she thought this haircut was acceptable.

“I hate to critique somebody else’s work. I don’t know, I was not here. I don’t know what she asked for,” said Hoppes.

Hoppes did later admit Kim’s haircut did look “uneven.”

Kim says she was very happy with the stylist who fixed her botched asymmetrical bob.

Kim doesn’t want the stylist who originally cut her hair to be fired, but she does think she needs more training.