WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Alizeti, the newest baby chimpanzee at the Sedgwick County Zoo, turned 1 month old Wednesday!

The Sedgwick County Zoo says her biggest milestones are becoming more aware of her surroundings and learning to cling.

Alizeti (Courtesy: Sedgwick County Zoo)

“According to her keepers, she is becoming more communicative and inquisitive with both her caregivers and her chimpanzee family,” said the Zoo.

The SCZ says Alizeti will not be on exhibit until she is older and doing well with her foster mom, Sukari. The Zoo says she is showing a strong interest in Alizeti.

“She sticks close to Alizeti when she’s nearby with a caregiver and even responds to her various infant vocalizations,” said the SCZ.

The Zoo also says Moshi, the alpha, is completely captivated by her and spends long periods of time just gazing at her.

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