WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — While some are hitting the road and getting out of town for the long weekend, others have decided to enjoy local summer activities right here in the air capital.

It’s the unofficial start of summer, and the city of Wichita has already opened up its splash pads to the public. Director of Parks & Rec, Troy Houtman, is excited about the season.

“We still have a few things that we’re doing. We’re adding two new splash pads, and College hill pool is getting final renovations. So with all that, that’s gonna complete the aquatics master plan from last year,” said Houtman.

CheyAnne and her son visited a splash pad for the first time ever on Friday.

“I’ve been waiting for the parks to open, and I heard they were open, so here I am,” said CheyAnne.

Cheyanne has no plans to leave town for the long weekend. Instead, she will enjoy time with the family right here.

“It’s awesome. I like that, you know, there’s older kids here. My son is only 14 months, and he’s really enjoying it, so I like how open it is. It’s awesome,” CheyAnne added. 

Bayleigh and her daughters are also happy to be splashing around.

“We were stuck inside for the last what? Three days? So it’s nice to get out and get some sun. Have them run around, get the energy out, so it’s great,” mentioned Bayleigh.

Bayleigh said her Wichita Summer-to-do list doesn’t stop at the splash park. 

“We’re going to try and hit up some pools potentially, too,” Bayleigh concluded. 

City pools in Wichita officially open on Monday, May 30. Houtman said the two new splash pads are expected to open by the end of June.