WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Fashion company Boohoo has released their results for this year’s most popular Halloween costumes in every state over the past month.

During this study, Boohoo analyzed Google Trend data to establish the most Googled Halloween costumes in every state over the past month. The study examined both the most popular pop culture-inspired costumes and the most popular classic costumes.

Top pop culture-inspired costumes:

1. Harley Quinn
2. Chucky
3. Top Gun
4. Stranger Things and Minions
5. Poison Ivy and Hocus Pocus
6. Jack Skellington and Michael Myers

Top classic costumes:

1. Witch
2. Fairy
3. Pirate
4. Devil and ghost
5. Black cat
6. Dinosaur

“These findings provide an interesting insight into the biggest costume trends of the year, predicting that we can expect to see several witches and Harley Quinns this Halloween,” said a spokesperson for Boohoo.

According to Boohoo’s study, Kansas’ most-searched-for pop culture-inspired Halloween costume is for Hocus Pocus, and its most searched-for classic costume is for a witch.

2022’s most popular Halloween costumes in every state:

State Pop Culture Costume Classic Costume 
Alabama Chucky Witch 
Alaska Harley Quinn Witch 
Arizona Poison Ivy Ghost 
Arkansas Michael Myers Devil 
California Chucky Witch 
Colorado Jack Skellington Witch 
Connecticut Chucky Ghost 
Delaware Hocus Pocus Cat 
Florida Hocus Pocus Witch 
Georgia Stranger Things Fairy 
Hawaii Minion Witch 
Idaho Top Gun Pirate 
Illinois Chucky Ghost 
Indiana Harley Quinn Fairy 
Iowa Poison Ivy Witch 
Kansas Hocus Pocus Witch 
Kentucky Michael Myers Devil 
Louisiana Harley Quinn Pirate 
Maine Jack Skellington Devil 
Maryland Harley Quinn Fairy 
MassachusettsTop Gun Devil 
Michigan Minion Witch 
Minnesota Minion Fairy 
Mississippi Harley Quinn Fairy 
Missouri Harley Quinn Witch  
Montana Minion Witch 
Nebraska Chucky Dinosaur 
Nevada Top Gun Fairy 
New Hampshire Harley Quinn Cat 
New Jersey Chucky Witch 
New Mexico Chucky Cat 
New York Chucky Witch 
North Carolina Harley Quinn Witch 
North Dakota Harley Quinn Pirate 
Ohio Harley Quinn Witch 
Oklahoma Poison Ivy Fairy 
Oregon Poison Ivy Dinosaur 
Pennsylvania  Stranger Things Cat 
Rhode Island Chucky Witch 
South Carolina Harley Quinn Pirate 
South Dakota  Harley Quinn Dinosaur 
Tennessee Top Gun Witch 
Texas Harley Quinn Witch 
Utah Top Gun Ghost 
Vermont Stranger Things Pirate 
Virginia  Stranger Things Witch 
Washington Hocus Pocus Witch 
West Virginia Top Gun Devil 
Wisconsin Stranger Things Ghost 
Wyoming Minion Pirate 
Source: Boohoo