(NEXSTAR) – What types of candy can we expect to steal from our children’s trick-or-treating bags this year?

A new study just might have the answer.

CandyStore.com, an online candy retailer specializing in wholesale and bulk orders, has once again attempted to determine the “most popular” Halloween candies by state, based largely on historical sales data from 15 years’ worth of Halloweens. The site’s analysts say they also consulted with “major” candy manufacturers and distributors to fine-tune the findings — some of which came as a surprise to CandyStore’s own executives.

“It’s insane that every single state is not Reese’s Cups,” said Ben George, the marketing director of CandyStore.com, in a statement shared with Nexstar. “That alone is shocking enough, but some of the actual favorites from each state defy rational taste bud-ology.”

The results of the study suggest that parents of trick-or-treaters can expect to find plenty of Reese’s Cups, Skittles and M&M’s (the top-selling candies in the U.S. overall) to surreptitiously steal from their children when their little backs are turned.

America’s top 10 favorite Halloween candies (Courtesy: CandyStore.com)

But which candies, specifically, are the “most popular” in your neck of the woods? CandyStore has a state-by-state breakdown of top-purchased candies from its platform.

In Kansas, the first place goes to M&M’s with 211,098 pounds worth of sales, second place goes to Reese’s cups with 205,637 pounds worth of sales, and third place goes to Sour Patch Kids with 197,882 pounds worth of sales.

Source: CandyStore.com.

Have a look at the chocolates, sweets and confections other states can plan to pilfer from their little ones after they fall asleep on Oct. 31:

State1st PlacePounds2nd PlacePounds3rd PlacePounds
ALSkittles105,263Starburst101,928Hershey’s Mini Bars93,728
AKSour Patch Kids4,873Twix4,673Milky Way3,982
AZHershey Kisses779,828Hot Tamales775,022Snickers712,387
ARButterfinger201,837Jolly Ranchers198,276M&M’s102,837
CAReese’s Cups1,231,675M&M’s1,219,928Skittles1,157,821
COHershey Kisses120,982Twix118,372Milky Way102,843
CTAlmond Joy2,981Milky Way2,371M&M’s2,003
DESour Patch Kids20,083Skittles16,728Life Savers11,292
FLReese’s Cups687,288Skittles580,002Hot Tamales401,928
GASwedish Fish138,928Jolly Ranchers113,281Reese’s Cups92,837
HIHershey’s Mini Bars26,771Skittles25,611Butterfinger21,897
IDSnickers83,648Starburst65,728Candy Corn42,998
ILSour Patch Kids152,928Kit Kat135,672Starburst120,928
INStarburst92,811Hot Tamales91,928Jolly Ranchers72,901
IAM&M’s65,779Reese’s Cups57,821Hershey’s Mini Bars51,729
KSM&M’s211,098Reese’s Cups205,637Sour Patch Kids197,882
KYReese’s Cups67,901Hot Tamales55,219Swedish Fish38,726
LALemonheads109,826Reese’s Cups102,827Blow Pops90,827
MESour Patch Kids57,829Starburst48,982Candy Corn13,927
MDHershey Kisses36,718Hershey’s Mini Bars35,928Reese’s Cups29,837
MASour Patch Kids69,697Butterfinger67,827Dubble Bubble Gum48,921
MIStarburst108,928Candy Corn106,527Butterfinger98,726
MNHot Tamales175,726Tootsie Pops167,844Skittles144,672
MS3 Musketeers91,820Snickers88,926Butterfinger81,762
MOMilky Way45,281Almond Joy41,902Hot Tamales39,092
MTTwix29,833M&M’s28,981Dubble Bubble Gum23,842
NESour Patch Kids89,281Salt Water Taffy83,128Twix41,828
NVHot Tamales287,363Hershey’s Mini Bars267,819Hershey Kisses219,891
NHM&M’s68,993Starburst61,992Jolly Ranchers40,822
NJTootsie Pops145,726M&M’s142,872Skittles139,821
NMHershey’s Mini Bars80,726Jolly Ranchers70,927Candy Corn52,729
NYSour Patch Kids136,729Hot Tamales132,891Candy Corn80,928
NCReese’s Cups82,019Snickers79,281M&M’s78,291
NDHot Tamales59,872Jolly Ranchers57,281Candy Corn42,871
OHM&M’s154,231Blow Pops153,788Starburst141,756
OKSkittles20,091Dubble Bubble Gum18,726Snickers13,827
ORM&M’s81,982Reese’s Cups76,829Candy Corn62,803
PAHershey’s Mini Bars239,081M&M’s225,783Skittles201,736
RITwix14,987M&M’s14,092Candy Corn11,928
SCButterfinger111,984Skittles104,827Candy Corn86,782
SDJolly Ranchers24,128Starburst21,827Candy Corn15,827
TNTootsie Pops56,123Salt Water Taffy50,983Skittles42,827
TXStarburst902,918Reese’s Cups889,827Sour Patch Kids690,987
UTTootsie Pops403,727Candy Corn318,772M&M’s241,726
VTM&M’s36,543Skittles28,938Milky Way19,928
VAHot Tamales153,729Snickers151,728Tootsie Pops123,674
DCM&M’s24,770Tootsie Pops21,673Blow Pops19,827
WATootsie Pops167,289Salt Water Taffy120,982M&M’s113,728
WVBlow Pops38,772Hershey’s Mini Bars36,279Hot Tamales30,988
WIButterfinger104,829Starburst102,981Hot Tamales89,635
WYReese’s Cups23,978Salt Water Taffy22,503Dubble Bubble Gum18,782
Source: CandyStore.com

No matter which candy might be most popular in your state, CandyStore.com expects there to be plenty of it in 2022. The National Retail Federation estimates consumer spending for Halloween to exceed pre-pandemic levels, at around $10.6 billion in total. What’s more, 96% of survey participants said they intend to spend around a third of their Halloween budget on candy alone.

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