SEATTLE, Wash. – A Washington State Patrol trooper severed as a special escort to a lost elderly woman on a scooter this week.

Not only was she lost, she had apparently been riding around for miles.

Things move pretty fast on Washington state highway 546 near the US-Canadian border.

So you can imagine some folks were pretty stunned when a so-called scofflaw this week turned out to be a senior citizen… on a scooter.

Trooper Dave Hintz said she was breaking the law, but he decided to cut her some slack.

“There’s no license plate. She’s in a little cart,” Hintz said, talking to his dash camera.

Hintz has been with the State Patrol for 24 years, and he says this was a first.

“It was different,” said Hintz with a laugh.

It’s not surprising that some people thought the trooper was pulling the little old lady over for riding her four-wheel scooter on the highway.

Andrea Ruth saw what was happening and pulled out her phone.  SHe said, “(I) just hit record as quickly as I could.”

She said what she saw looked like a low-speed chase from her office.

“I see this woman come across on a little scooter and then I’m like, ‘oh,’ and then I see the cop car and I’m like, ‘ooooohhhh!’” she said laughing.

The trooper’s dash-cam video wound up being key evidence that the he was helping the little old lady.

“Everybody’s worried about you because you’ve been on and off the road,” the audio from the camera heard him tell the woman.

It turns out the trooper wasn’t trying to detain the woman.  He was just get her home since she was lost. Make that four miles lost.

So Trooper Hintz escorted this grandma home, letting her drive as fast as that scooter would go  which turned out to be six miles an hour.

It wasn’t always easy.

After more than an hour they made it.

So many police pursuits make headlines these days.

But in reality this act was in pursuit of kindness.