TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – In an exclusive interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday — for the first time, he responded to ethics violations while he was in office.

In an interview with Kansas Capitol Bureau Reporter, Rebekah Chung, Pompeo spoke about a report released by the State Department’s internal watchdog detailing agreements made between Pompeo’s wife and state-hired staff members.

The ethics probe found that during Pompeo and his wife’s, Susan, time at the state department, they violated ethics rules, having state department employees perform a variety of tasks like booking appointments and walking their dog.

When asked about the report, Pompeo denied the findings.

“Yeah, they’re all lies,” he said. “Dirty, rotten, lies, and you just repeated them on television. You shouldn’t have done that.”

However, in emails obtained by KSNT News, conversations between Pompeo’s wife and a former state department staffer show she requested arrangements for non-diplomatic events, including a visit to Wichita in 2019.

Amid the investigation, he requested that the state department’s inspector general be fired.

“I got rid of an inspector general, who was not fit to do his work,” Pompeo said. “The people that worked for him didn’t like what I did,  and then they made up stories about violations. I and my wife both complied with every ethics rule.”

There are no repercussions because of the investigation.

As the former Secretary of State is back in Kansas and settles back into civilian life, he also discussed his political future.

While Pompeo said he is not interested in running for President, he is spending his time traveling the country to help fellow Republicans get in office.

“If I do my job well, we’ll be successful all across the country, helping candidates get elected in 2022.”

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