HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) — As wildfires roll through Reno and Harvey counties, one family has found as the smoke clears that they lost everything, including their three dogs and three cats.

Beverly and Roger Johnson, who lived in their house east of Hutchinson for 45 years, lost it all when their daughter Rogena said that they were trapped in their vehicle as the flames engulfed their home and cars.

“She had to get out of the car because she couldn’t find her keys because there was so much smoke,” Rogena said. “So she got out and took off running and was talking to me on the phone the whole time, screaming because the fire was burning her legs.

“And then I lost her, and I thought she was gone.”

Rogena said that while Beverly was able to get out of her car, their three dogs, a golden retriever and two pit bull mixes, could not get out.

Rogena said that she and her husband tried to find a way to get into the neighborhood, as it was blocked off. She said she “thought she’d be laying on the ground dead somewhere” because she had lost contact with her.

Rogena says that Beverly and Roger survived the fire by jumping in a pond and submerging until the fire passed over them.

After getting in contact with Rogena and her husband, Beverly and Roger were taken to a hospital and treated for first-degree burns and smoke inhalation.

Rogena has set up a GoFundMe to help with not just her parent’s belongings but also the rest of the neighborhood. Rogena says that they have some insurance, but some neighbors do not.

You can find their GoFundMe by clicking here.