WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita Thunder Forwards Jay Dickman and Jake Wahlin have family ties that go way back.

Dickman’s dad coached Wahlin’s dad in football. Both families are from the east side of St. Paul.

“We call it eastsiders,” explained Dickman. “Wahlin grew up on that side, and I grew up on that side.”

The two have been skating together for 15-plus years. Dickman arrived in Wichita in 2019, while Wahlin was traded to the Thunder in 2021.

“I know his game, he knows my game. We’ve known each other for a while,” said Dickman. “He’s got a lot of speed. I can put my puck in the area, and I know he’s going to win the race nine-out-of-10 times.”

Dickman and Wahlin are teammates on the ice but the two act and tease each other as brothers do.

“We go back and forth at each other. It’s pretty fun,” said Dickman.

“If I don’t chirp you or tease you sometimes, then I probably don’t like you that much,” explained Wahlin.

The Wichita Thunder begins a three-game series against the Tulsa Oilers on Friday.