WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Chances are you are feeling the impact when heading to the grocery store. Kansas Food Bank said 49% of the people they serve have to choose between buying food or paying utility bills.

The Kansas Food Bank feeds more than 200,000 people each month.

President and CEO of the food bank, Brian Walker, said inflation is making lines longer for those in need.

“We hear the stories of people going through their savings and maxing out their credit cards hoping that it all came to an end sooner, but it is just not doing that,” said Kansas Food Bank President/CEO Brian Walker.

The food bank isn’t struggling to find food, but they are paying more like many others are at the grocery store.

“We are seeing those same increases as well, and it is just tough on a family,” said Walker.

That impact is trickling down to their partners like the Salvation Army.

“We know food prices are going up. We know that it is harder to stretch a dollar. We are feeling it ourselves, you know, so we want to make sure we are prepared for anyone who comes to our door,” said Salvation Army Wichita Director of Social Services, Jami Scott.

Scott said they have not seen an increase of new faces but are experiencing people coming more regularly to one of their four pantry options.

They are also in need of volunteers.

While they aren’t seeing longer lines, others in the state are.

“A few of them saying we are looking at 40% increase. They will get more food from us. Nobody is running out of food,” said Walker.

They ask people to support in any way they can through donations or volunteering.

The Kansas Food Bank recently launched a new website. This website can take you to any county in Kansas to find food resources.

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