The Midterm Election has been the talk of the town in Dodge City. 

The city has one polling location for 13,000 voters. This year, it is at the Ford County Expo south of Dodge City. 

County officials said voting is going smoothly. 

The county clerk did not allow the media in to the polling place with cameras. 

Instead, KSN was given these photos, taken by the county, to show the voting process inside.

Inside, there are over 20 voting machines, and multiple voters said there are plenty of volunteers and space for people to wait.

The average time voters said to cast the ballot is about five minutes. 

KSN stopped by the old polling location, the Civic Center, where multiple people from the county, city and different organizations were giving free rides to people who didn’t know the polling location changed.

“I didn’t know,” Ezden Youenis said. “This place in Dodge City that’s for every time, election and for like everybody to come to that place.”

Several volunteers were on hand to drive people to the new site to vote, if needed.

“I’m trying to guide people on where to vote or if they need a ride,” volunteer Jose Vargas said. “I got my personal vehicle.” 

As of 4 p.m.,there has been a little over 10 people they’ve directed to the Expo

USD 443, the city’s public transportation, Lyft drivers and Doge City Community College also provided free transportation to the polls.

After a judge denied the ACLU’s request to open both sites as polling places…only the Western State Bank Expo would take voters today. 

“I voted,” Ellen Elsen said. 

Elsen was one of those who cast her ballot without much of a wait.

“I would say less than five minutes,” she said.

Ford County told KSN that more than 1,000 voters had voted at the site by 1:30 p.m. 

The clerk’s attorney said there have been no complaints from voters. 

“Oh yeah, you don’t have to wait outside,” Alex Fairpanks said. “You got a warm building to stand in and yeah it was a great process.”

“It was extremely easy,” Gail Fergerson said. “It’s a new environment, but they had plenty of workers to show you where to go and got through quickly.”

The county said they will be adding an additional polling location for 2020, but the location is unknown.